Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gig Report: Lucky's Lounge 5-13-08

the last time i'd been inside lucky's lounge it was named the AR - technically the BAR but the B had fallen off the sign. Back in those days i certainly never thought i'd ever play a gig there - let alone one of the more fun gigs ever!

John set the night up at what is basically his neighborhood hang out - down amisdt the lofts of fort point channel. It was great - we brought a small group out - and didn't drive the people already there away - not at first anyways! haha. Made some new friends - learned about the organ whiz reverend ed! and had a great time - thanks to John, Thanks to lucky's - and honorable mention to Brian for getting back to the state in time and managing to show up to the gig despite the fact that his drums were in providence and his previous day had been spent 12+ hours at an airport in pittsburg.

it was a blast and we certainly hope to be back at lucky's before long!

first setlist:
Another Moon
Tongue Tied
Try To Tell Me (Kevin)
Ruby Colored Halo
American Dream (John)(first time played)
On the Vine
Far Away
No Guarantees

second set:
Sky Falls
Real Life (first time played)
Don't Do Me Like That (petty cover, Kevin)
Torn and Frayed (Stones cover)(brian's lead vocal debut!)
Snow on the Ground (Matt) (first time played)
Listen to Her Heart (petty cover, John)
Framed (Kevin) (first time played)
Dead Flowers (stones cover)
Cripple Creek (The Band cover)

please tune in tonight to at 1030 to hear us play a full live set over the airwaves on the "On the Town with Mikey Dee" show on WMFO.

and remeber to get your tix to TTs soon for 5/30!

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