Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prev show 9.11.08 at the Alchemist Lounge in JP

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The Alchemist Lounge is a damn cool spot. great food, excellent people, beautiful space and a fun room to play. We had a long luxurious evening there as we showed up at 7pm for a photoshoot utilizing the natural moonlight (when did it start getting dark at 7???) and some dinner. When we finally took the stage around 1045 we enjoyed a casual fun night of rocking South Huntington.


1. Tongue Tied
2. Change of Heart
(Tom Petty Cover)
3. Try To Tell Me
4. Honkey Tonk Women
(Stones Cover)
5. You Got Lucky (Tom Petty Cover)
6. Saving Grace (Tom Petty Cover)
7. Ruby Colored Halo
8. Cripple Creek
(The Band Cover)
9. No Guarantees
10. Refugee
(Tom Petty Cover)

11. Still We Believe (dave alone)(first time played - in fact only written 20 hours earlier)
12. On The Vine
13. Another Moon
14. Guardrail
15. Dead Flowers
(Rolling Stones Cover)
16. Real Life
17. Cliché
18. Don't Do Me Like That
(Tom Petty Cover)
19. Room At The Top (Tom Petty Cover)
20. Far Away

Next up - October 3 at O'Brien's in allston - (with Mike Mirabella sitting in on drums!)

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