Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rationales Favorite Albums: BRIAN

Here is what Brian submitted in response to the project:

I tried to exclude any albums that have already been mentioned (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Siamese Dream in particular) along with any albums that are widely considered
"classics" (Dylan, Dark Side..., etc.):

1.) It's A Shame About Ray- The Lemonheads
The most perfect modern pop album ever written and the permanent
soundtrack to my life.

2.) Big Red Letter Day- Buffalo Tom
Almost the same could be said about this album as well.

3.) Revolution '80 (live from Trenchtown)- Bob Marley & The Wailers
A live recording, not an official album, but by far the best live
concert I have ever heard.

4.) What's Going On?- Marvin Gaye
I tried to exclude "classics" from this list, but I think this album
is actually underrated. Also, it's Motown's version of "Dark Side of
the Moon".

5.) Life Is Water- The Sim Redmond Band
An obscure white reggae band wrote this near perfect album.

6.) Give Up- The Postal Service
We've all heard it, but it's just so damned good.

7.) Our Time In Eden- 10,000 Maniacs
This is the sound of a band creating their opus; a truly underrated
masterwork from the 90's. Also, this was the first "real" concert I

8.) College Dropout- Kanye West
Kanye wrote all of the music for this album in addition to the
completely original (and sometimes bazaar) lyrics.

9.) Discovery- Daft Punk
I promise that if you listen to this album you will be hooked for life.

10.) Unplugged- Jay-Z
This is getting redundant, but just listen to this album and you'll
realize what a masterpiece it is. The Roots are his backing band, and
they are amazing.

11.) Blind Melon- Blind Melon
Probably the most cringe-worthy name on this list, but back in '95
this album blew my f'n mind. At their best, Blind Melon was an amazing
"heavy rock jam band".

12.) Live Monsters- Big Head Todd & The Monsters
BHTM are still one of my biggest personal influences, and this is a
live compilation of all their best songs.

13.) Outpost- The Samples
This was the soundtrack to my early 20's, and apparently in my early
20's I was gay.

14.) Ready To Die- The Notorious B.I.G.
The first time I heard this album, I crapped my pants... and was
confused... and loved it.

15.) Teenager of the Year- Frank Black
There are like 60 songs on this album, and I think Frank Black wrote
and recorded them all in the span of three hours, yet they are all
pure genius. This was the soundtrack to my high school years.

16.) I'm With Stupid- Aimee Mann
The quintessential (and best) Aimee Mann album that made me a fan for
life. It's more poppy than her later, super-downer albums.

17.) New Jersey (Live)- Pete Yorn
This is cheating because it's a live recording of all his best songs,
but Pete Yorn definitely deserves to be on this list.

18.) From Here To Infirmary- The Alkaline Trio
I went through a phase where I loved this band (probably too much) and
this is their best album.

19.) Day Three Of My New Life- Knapsack
Another band that I was obsessed with for years, and they're still one
of my all-time favorites (and major influences).

20.) Question The Answers- Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Believe it or not, this was my favorite album for a significant period
of time in my life. Yes, I was completely lost in college.

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