Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sometimes i pimp the band

Thats right- big things are brewing.

First and foremost the big show tomorrow night- playing Obrien's Pub on Harvarhhhhd street in allston. 9pm sharp - the early set. we'll be finished before Ellsbury even steps in the batters box. seriously.

Its going to be a fun night- we're playing on a great bill - The Apalacas. Kiernan Ridge Band who we played with at Arlene's grocery in NYC over the summer - they're great! and the headliners of the evening - Trucker Mouth. As for us Mr. Binkowski will be busy tomorrow night providing the sort of companionship that vice cops frown upon at a small motel up on route 1 in Peabody... but relax - we're replacing him with the original miracle-boy-gigolo - Mike Mirabella on drums for the one night only.
you'll want to catch this.

a special note of congrats to our good friend sean murray and Jake and the Jakes for signing to Tied Records!

Things we're going to do soon are:
- some studio days to start cutting demo's and pre-production for our next CD.
- an amazing show that we're hoping comes together for late November at TTs with one of our favorite bands - Canada's The Wooden Sky. details are imminent.
- a great show at Church in early December with Dearborn Valley.

Things you could do soon are:
- go sign up as our friend on myspace or as a fan of the band on facebook
- please tell a few of your friends to check us out
- The Going and the Gone is still doing really well and we recommend that you head over to CD baby for your very own shiney copy while the getting is good.

and most of all - we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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