Monday, January 5, 2009

Show Report: NYC 1.3.09

Road trip to NY! yay!

No sleep the night before - off to a great start as i was supposed to pick up Brian Rationale at the practice space at noon, but woke up at 1210. called brian, met up with our documentary filmaker mike and hit the road. we had a great and easy ride down with lots of interesting musical selections...Brian brought along a 'best of the 90s' mix that he thought would be right up my alley. turns out i knew 2 songs and 3 of the artists. I didn't really do 'radio' or 'mtv' in the 90s. mostly stuck to my cracker, tupelo, whigs, dylan, band world. nothing much changes.

after a little Notorious BIG to get us through Connecticut we checked into our motel, decompressed, filmed a bit for the 'rationales movie' (haha) and then headed to the city to meet the rest of the boys.

i really like arlene's grocery- cool club, great sound, chill to play, and the pub side is one of the cooler hangs i've hung at. nice place. we were on at 9 which here in boston is equal to the crack of dawn. in NYC it meant we were the 4th band of the night on a bill that started at 6pm. Apparently the ska/blues band before us wanted a double set so we got some extra chill time before heading onstage... we had a bunch of friends out and it was a really fun set. good sound, good flow, felt good - did a couple of new ones... all in all a nice night.

No Guarantees
Try To Tell Me
On the Vine
Tounge Tied
Far Away
Kevin's 6/8 Untitled Song (first time played)

we hung late into the night and then drove back to Rye to our hotel... after meeting Brian Rationale at the rest area he apparently slept at, we made our way home. Ready to gear up to rock you all acoustic jug band style next monday (Jan 12) at TT THE BEARS - playing with friends Nate Rogers and Varsity Drag.

should be a fun, loose, low key night.

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