Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Recent Past

Sorry to have been absent on the updates front - we've had a really pleasant and enjoyable couple of months here in Rationales Land and BIG things are on the horizon as well.

But first, lets visit the past for recaps of a few great shows!

January 12, 2009. TT The Bear's. Other Side of the Bear acousitic show
with Brendan Boogie and Ben & Lisa from Varsity Drag
TTs other side shows are always a blast - just a great low key scene, great people, great club and in this case - great music... brendan was a last minute fill in and opened the show in style. really great solo rendidtions of the great songs on his Disposable Pop EP - and a couple of great new tunes to boot. Always a pleasure to play with brendo. Then the night was closed out by Varsity Drag (and friend! haha) a really enjoyable set of great tunes. there's some great songwriting there, and i really enjoyed seeing what Ben and Lisa (and Josh) brought to the night.
As for us Rationales - we decided to go all lowtech carterfamily on ya'll and gathered our acoustic selves around one microphone, settled greg onto his stand up bass, and got down to doing stripped down hoedown versions of our set. - we had a total blast and really enjoyed seeing everyone who made it out....
  • No Guarantees
  • Far Away
  • Ruby Colored Halo
  • Framed
  • Tongue Tied
  • Ol 55 (tom waits)
  • Try to tell me
  • Aimee (new song)

February 7, 2009 - The Lizard Lounge
with Forest Fires and Explorer's Club
I love playing the lizard lounge. i love seeing shows at the lizard lounge. all in all i just love the lizard lounge - just such a great room. We were psyched to be on this show with high-road touring artists The Explorer's Club. while frequenlty described for their "beach boys" -like sound, we found them to an extrememly diverse sounding act. nicest guys to boot. it was an education watching them bring all their members, gear and divergent styles together into a cohesive show... and as a longtime fan of the Everyday Visuals - it was a treat to watch Christpher Pappas open the show under his solo moniker (Forest Fires) we could listen to him sing the phonebook but he writes such great songs that its a double treat.
  • No Guarantees
  • On the Vine
  • Framed
  • Braedon
  • Tongue Tied
  • Ruby Colored Halo
  • Far Away
  • Try to Tell Me
  • Believe
  • Aimee

February 28, 2009 The Lizard Lounge
The Cover Up - a tribute to Elvis Costello
man o man what a night. Brendan Boogie and Andrea Kremer know how to put a show together. this was a great night. Every act blew me away. Blizzard of 78, Ad Frank, JPo, One Happy Island, Ryan Schmidt, the Beau Roland Band, Bo Berringer, every single person involved was amazing. what a fun night.
  • Welcome to the working week
  • This Year's Girl
  • Opportunity
  • Little Triggers
  • The Beat
  • High Fidelity
Thats been the last month or two of activity for us rationales - we have a big couple of months ahead as well so we'll send around an update on all of that tomorrow!

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