Friday, August 14, 2009

The Rationales August 2009 Update

been a while, eh? indeed - and we rationales have been busybusy - we're just about to record our debut LP in another month or so - we have big plans for next year as well (we're calling it 'seasons') (more later) but for now - a couple shows to note:

Tomorrow - August 15, Lizard Lounge
Cover up show #3 - a tribute to the black crowes.
We and some very special guests will play 5 of our favorite crowes tunes, but there are so many other great acts on the bill that you should come all night - so you hear all your favorite crowes tunes. 9pm.

Saturday Oct 3.
We're living the dream and playing at the Topsfield Fair. Kettle Corn, Racing Pigs, Cider Donuts and the Rationales. come on, really?

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