Monday, January 4, 2010

Upcoming Show - Jan 14 at TT The Bear's

We're pretty excited to be returning to TT The Bear's for a show on Thursday Jan. 14, 2010. We're on nice and early (at 9pm) so you can do your weeknight rocking and still catch worms in the morning. not that that sounds very good - the worm part that is. in fact it would be awfully difficult with the ground frozen and all, actually what happens to worms when the ground freezes? do they go deeper? freeze and then defrost? all die and just the eggs lay dormant? arrrrgh!

well anyway - come see us at TTs. Our bassist, Sean is still recovering from arm surgery so we may very well have a special appearance from former Rationale - John Maloney on bass at this show.

Other news includes progress being made on the record and a handful of other shows coming up -
Jan 30 - at The Rosebud Bar in Davis Sq.
Feb 25 - The New England Americana Festival at Church

hope to see you soon!

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