Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Tell Your Friends About THE RATIONALES" Week

Tell my friends about WHO? WHAT? WHY?? HOW???

The Rationales are who and what we are is a rock band with a rootsy twist based out of Boston Ma. We love the Stones, Wilco, Cracker, The Band, Nada Surf, Tom Petty, The Crows (Black and Counting)... We love writing and playing original tunes and we love learning the covers that inspired us to pick up our instruments in the first place. The Rationales have been playing around Boston for over 2 years now and would really like to take ourselves to the next level. But we could use some help...

As a local band, you can only do so much to get the word out about who you are and what you do. So what if we could get some help? If you tell 10 people and they tell 10 people then... (Yes, Mike does have past pyramid scheme experience).


We figure depending on how much you're interested in getting involved there is something everyone can do.

You could:
- Click SHARE on this page and put it on your profile or send to some friends...

- Invite friends who love new bands to attend this event.

- Petition "Dancing with the Stars" to have Dave on next season.

- Head over to YouTube, do a quick search for The Rationales, pick a tune you dig and forward it to some friends or put it on your page for us.

- Call your local congress man or woman and tell them to do something about The Rationales.

- Request The Rationales on your local Sunday night local music show.

- Call your uncle who used to be in Duran Duran and tell him to check out The Rationales on itunes.

- If you know anyone in Nebraska PLEASE tell them that Mike Mirabella says hello.

- tell your nieces and nephews about us. it seems that the kids sorta like our music when they hear it.

- Tell your friends that:
Kevin and his wife have a new baby boy named Declan.
Sean and his wife are expecting any day now.
Matt just moved into a new apartment.
Dave just celebrated his birthday on April 11th.
Mike was going to have chicken fingers for lunch but had the haddock plate instead.

No matter what please make sure you "Become A Fan" of The Rationales Facebook page.
Sign up for our Mailing list at
Check out the tunes at
Subscribe and watch us here


The top 3 people who can claim the most new fans we will receive a personalized song written just for them. That's right. A member of The Rationales (probably Dave) will write a song just for you, record it on video and toss it up on the YouTube in your honor.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and doing anything you can to help.

The Rationales

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Mikey ate fish?