Friday, October 8, 2010

The Rationales Launch Kickstarter Project

The Rationales Launch Kickstarter Project to complete debut record!

The Rationales have just finished tracking our debut full length record. We couldn't be any happier with how it is sounding. 10 tracks of power-pop, rock and alternative: a collection of tunes that we're both proud of and really happy to listen to. We suspect that you will like them to.

The thing is we need your help if we're going to get the record mixed, mastered and released in the near future. We're planning on returning to Q Division studios where we cut the basic tracks to mix and are just as psyched as can be at how sonically good this record could end up sounding. We're aiming to release it around the start of the new year but in order to finish the mixing process, create discs and put it out in the right way, we need to raise about $5000.

This is where you come in - via Kickstarter you can pre-order the CD (or buy any number of reward packages) and by paying for the record before its released you'll be providing us the opportunity to get it done, but more importantly as a reward for your support you'll have access to the record before anyone else does. Plus depending on the package you want to go for you can get other cool rewards like tee shirts, tickets to shows, thanks in the liner notes, even dinner with the band or a private show at your home.

The Rationales have always been really blessed with great fans, friends and family and we appreciate ALL of the attention and support you have given us along the way. We're sure that once we get this record out, you will come to love these songs the way that we have. It will mean so much to know that our friends and fans, once again, have been an integral part of the process of making what we do a possibility.

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