Friday, June 3, 2011

Top Ten Album Project Revisisted - Dave Mirabella

Since we're doing repeats and I'm far too static in my tastes to add much to my original top ten I'm going to go with a song list - specifically - the top ten songs guaranteed to snap me out of whatever lame-ass mood i'm in and get me ready to kick ass.

1. Beast and Dragon Adored - Spoon
"It took its time a-working into my soul, I got to believe it come from rock and roll"
2. This Boy is Exhausted - The Wrens
"But then Greg plugs in A treble checking that says we might win "
3. Domani - Twilight Singers
"I'm never coming down, so beautiful, no one around...."
4. Your pretty Things - Get Up Kids
"the ground beneath your feet isn't as stable as you thought."
5. Aside - Weakerthans
"rely a bit to heavily on alcohol and irony"
6. North Dakota - The Wooden Sky
"and left those lights to burn behind us"
7. Buzzards and Dreadful Crows - Guided by Voices
"there's something in this deal for everyone"
8. Lone Star Song - Grant Lee Buffalo
" Words that can't help but escape my mouth"
9. Landslide Baby - Beulah
"And I knew you'd never stay forever, Holding it together, making songs for me"
10. The kiss - The Cure
"i never wanted this"

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