Monday, June 11, 2012

2 Shows You Should Know About!

Hey You Guys!

We have two shows in the next couple of weeks - very different, and both worth checking out.

First, for the 'i like sunshine, family friendly free events, at a reasonable hour, in a cultural mecca' sort of crowd we are excited to say we are playing the Fête de la Musique (Make Music) festival in Harvard Square (corner of Brattle -Deguglielmo Plaza – Located in front of Crema Café at 27 Brattle Street ) at 5pm. Its a great day and great festival. Our stage will also feature our friends OldJack, McCallister Drive, The Self Proclaimed Rockstars, The Field Effect and more. As implied above - its a free show, its a family friendly day and there'll be lots to do and see. We'll be showing a slightly different side as well as we'll be back in 4 piece mode for the day. Come hang - it'll be great.

 Second, for the "i like darkness, sultry basements, loud and seductive rock and roll, drinks, food and general nightclub good times' sort of crowd - we have a great show on Friday June 22 at Precinct Bar in Union Sq. Somerville. It will be full band, and we may have a new song or two to show you. Also on the bill will be out pals Eddie Japan, The Vivs, and the Franc Graham Band. Its going to be great - be there!

so to review:
Sat June 16, 5pm, (come early!), Free: Harvard Square Make Music Fest.
Fri, June 22 9pm, $10,  Precinct Bar, Somerville

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