Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great time at Precinct!

full Band photo
Photo by Melissa Zeigler
Last night was incredible. Hot weather, cool drinks, good friends, great music! Couldn't ask for more.

The Franc Graham Band blew me away. So cool, sultry low rock with a playful at times, but heart wrenching at others, twist. Great set!

The Vivs brought it masterfully. Great hooks, solid players, amazing vocals, really a band to be sure to see!

Eddie Japan closed out the night as only they could have. From the Peter Murphy cover to their stellar originals, their set felt like the soundtrack to a samurai western that Tarantino has yet to make, only better.

As for us, we had a blast! So many friends, new and old, in the room. Thanks to all of you for making it! We played some new songs, had some fun and can't wait to do it all again!

Which will happen in Wednesday July 18 at Cafe 939. A show sponsored by Ryan's Smashing Life and featuring the Rationales, The Wandas, and Kasey Anderson. This will be one to get advance tickets for, which you can do here!

Thanks again for tonight! It was great!

  1. Happy times (first time played)
  2. No guarantees
  3. Another moon
  4. Braedon
  5. Drunk all the time
  6. The going and the gone (new)
  7. Far away
  8. Last words (first time played)
  9. Tongue tied
  10. Let it Go (new)
  11. Radio

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