Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanks for Last Night!

That! Was! Awesome!

photo by Kristen Scioli
Absolutely am ROCKED this morning after hearing great sets by 2 of my favorite bands in Boston and now one of my favorite in Brooklyn NY as well. Velah absolutely killed me - just great songs, great energy, so awesome - Freddy Hall & The Best Intentions were amazing - fun, tight power pop with more hooks than a pirate convention. Great Stuff - and The Field Effect - rediculously awesome as always. Thanks To Indie Rock Ranger/Richard Bouchard for sponsoring the night and to Radio -

BUT AS ALWAYS >> Most of all! Thanks to you  - all of you who came out and danced and sang along and rocked - it was a wild experience and maybe up there with our most fun shows - and that's all on you guys and your rowdy ways! Thanks and keep it coming.

Love, as always -
the Rationales.

  1. Real Life
  2. No Guarantees
  3. Braedon
  4. Drunk All the Time
  5. Little Bit
  6. Burned Again
  7. Tongue Tied
  8. Let it Go
  9. Radio

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