Saturday, February 2, 2013

Awesome night last night!

Such huge gratitude to Ralph's, The Field Effect, Preacher Roe and GrandEvolution for making last night happen - huge thanks to everyone who came out - it was great to play to a full room, especially considering the short-notice nature of the show - we really appreciate you being there, staying and most of all - rocking along with us!

Next up on our "stay the hell out of the woolworths (until 3/23 at Brighton Music Hall) tour" is a stop next saturday - Feb 9 at Gulu Gulu in Salem, MA - Gulu is always a fun, low key, no cover, stretched out show and we're psyched to be sharing the bill with former (and always) Rationale John Maloney and his new band The Rotary Prophets! - come have a craft beer, great sandwich or life giving coffee - but be there - 8pm - Midnight - it'll be fun. we promise!

Coincidentally The Rationales played Gulu Gulu LAST Feb 9 and we all know how that turned out.

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