Sunday, June 30, 2013

Headed into the Studio!

Already seriously regretting taking this next little bit of time off from live shows - missing it already - and with the last few have been awesome (and last night especially so) it makes it all that much tougher.

The crowd (and club) last night in Northampton were fantastic and we had a great couple of sets. We're one of those bands who seem to struggle with finding the right balance in a 40 minute set sometimes but let us stretch out to two or more hours - and it feels so comfortable. At any rate between Worcester, Church, Harvard Sq. and last night we really have been enjoying playing together these last few shows.

So here we are - with a week off for 4th of July and then right into recording mode to get (at least) an EP ready for release around Christmas time this year. A bit of time to get some stuff recorded, a bit of time to take some care of ourselves and we'll be right back off to the races.

We will be back to live shows in October and are hard at work planning some really great bills for Boston, Worcester and beyond.

Meanwhile - check out our bandcamp page where you can stream all our songs for free and download 5 or 6 of them for free as well (including: Radio, No Guarantees, Tongue Tied, Jaded, etc.). Stay tuned for some big show announcements coming up.

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