Thursday, December 5, 2013

Big December News! New Member, New EP, Release Show Tix!

Dave Lieb Joins The Rationales!

Welcome to Dave Lieb (of the Rudds, and Vinyl Skyway) who will be the newest member of the Rationales! Dave will be holding down the Keyboards, backing vocals, as well as occasional other instruments.

Get Tickets Now for The Rationales at the SINCLAIR!

Not only is this show your first chance to see us with Dave, It is our EP release show for the new disc "Dream of Fire" and if that wasn't enough there's the lineup and location: The Rationales, The Nate Leavitt Band, OldJack and The Sheila Divine! And you do or should know what a great club the Sinclair is.

This show stands a real chance of filling up. The best way to ensure that you don't get shut out is to head to TICKETMASTER or the SINCLAIR Box office TODAY and get yours!

New EP: Dream of Fire available December 20

As the summer wound down we booked a day or two in the studio to cut our new EP. We are really excited about "Dream of Fire" - in part because we're as proud of it as anything we've put out to date: 4 new songs we love, starting with our songwriting and adding to it the confidence that the band has been playing with of late, ending up with something exciting, sonically amazing (thanks, as always to our pals at Q Division,) and most of all - at least to our ears - energetic and engaging, because it was recorded as live as possible. Most of the music you hear is what we laid down as we played the basic tracks. Sure there are some overdubs and some layering to sweeten things up, etc. but for the most part you are hearing instruments just as they were when played live on the day we tracked it.

And we CAN'T WAIT TO share it with you at the second annual OldJack's Holiday Homage show on December 20, 2013

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