Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sneak Peak of a track, First Review and more....

For a sneak peak of the first track on DREAM OF FIRE - the song "Drunk all the Time" check out Twangville's new Boston Playlist "love that dirty water". Mayer Danzig says: The Rationalesare back with a vengeance. They are about to release a five-song ep...The band stretches themselves out with songs that, overall, are a bit heavier and more and intense than their earlier work. Yet their power pop heart still beats strong, as this powerhouse track demonstrates.

Jed Gottlieb at the Boston Herald spotlighted the EP in his column today - he says:
I hate year-end lists in mid-December. Rushing to publish them means excluding great, late stuff — namely the Rationales EP “Dream of Fire...“It’s not your fault but I hate you when I’m sober,” the Rationales’ Dave Mira­bella sings on EP opener “Drunk All the Time” — a heavy blow softened by the song’s bright pop and hot guitar solo. Before you can ponder the cruel barb, the band snags you with another sharp hook, then another and another. The five songs rock relentlessly through epic closer “Let It Go” with its downright nasty guitar outro.

Finally "Drunk All the Time was played on Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood on Sunday! You can go to their page and vote for the tune as one of your favorites of the new week. If we are in the top five vote getters we'll be played again next week! check it out.

and OK - i lied. this time i mean FINALLY - there are still a few tickets left to The Sinclair for Friday Night's show - it's our release show for Dream of Fire! We play with The Sheila Divine, OldJack and the Nate Leavitt band - you really should come. Plus its 18+ so you can bring your trophy wife/boytoy, what have you....

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