Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Next Show: Feb 19 at TT The Bear's

Can't wait for this show. 

We're playing midweek this time for those of you who find the weekends tough to get out and see us - come for a little hump-day ROCK. 

This bill is insane... We were honored to be asked to be a part of our good pals' M.G. Lederman's CD release party as they put out their new Midriff release "I'm Ghosts". 

Also on the bill are Reindeer (who are amazing!) and Thick Wilde (can't wait to see them!). We'll be playing a new tune or two. TTs is always a good hang (and if you hadn't noticed, we're doing an unofficial monthly residency there this winter)

In other news we are very thankful for all the kind reviews and comments we've been getting about our new EP "Dream of Fire." Head over to bandcamp and download your own copy today! It's only $4 and we are so proud of this one. Buy it! You won't be sorry!

Also thanks to those of you who posted reviews on iTunes - if you haven't yet add your voice to the chorus helping to spread the word about The Rationales newest release!

See you on the 19th!

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