Friday, February 7, 2014

GREAT Review of Dream of Fire!

"This EP is edgier, darker, and bursting at the seams with hard rock goodness."

"A band that has entirely reinvented themselves... I would venture to say we are on the verge of something new. Something unknown. Dream of Fire is a new style Americana. It takes a very American rooted rock sound, hangs it by the feet and knocks the living classic out of it with a precise driving force that is on-your-feet entertaining."

"If this were on radio, it would set it on fire. In just five tracks it feels like classic is reworked. Not necessarily a worldly game-changer sense, but more like finding a door you never knew was there and discovering a wave of sound that is not only fun to ride again and again but it has the strength flow coast-to-coast."

"Boston, I love you, but it is time to share this band with the rest of the country. The Rationales have harnessed all that is good about rock without any of its annoying quirks and tucked it into put out a fantastic little EP in Dream of Fire."

...these are just a couple of the highlights! Read the rest (yes there's MORE!) here.

Listen Here!

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