Thursday, February 20, 2014

TTs Recap, and, Next up: SAT at Uncle Eddies in Salisbury Beach, MA

First off - thank you! All of the People who came out on a Wednesday, TTs staff and people, and all the other bands - Thick Wild for blowing us away with your songs, voice, banjo and vibe! Reindeer for being amazing all around.. great songs, great guitars, great vocals, great greatness. M.G. Lederman for making the whole thing happen and the amazing set they put on in support of an amazing record! It was as great a night as i hoped it could be! Look forward to playing with all of you again!

Next - a quick turnaround as Dave will be representing the Rationales THIS SATURDAY at Uncle Eddies up in Salisbury beach, MA. Playing in support of a great band and great friends, the Brooklyns... this is going to be an amazing night. I'll be solo acoustic and therefore will be dusting off some older songs, some brand new songs, and hopefully i can get sean murray up for a mini "Dubious Brothers reunion!"  There are those who would say i'm doing it wrong - always playing the seaside club (literally On the beach) in the winter. but i say - nay. Seaside towns need winter rock too. Its always a fun hang. Hope to see you!

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