Monday, May 12, 2014

We did NOT meet Jimmy Page!

We may be among the ONLY people in Boston who didn't hang with Jimmy Page this weekend. but that doesn't mean it wasn't an awesome weekend!

We had another great night in Worcester
Saturday night - Ralph's is so good to us - and a night of killer sets from everyone - bee's knees kicked off the night with a bang, preacher roe slayed us with their assault of rock. Cold Blood Club from Brooklyn were awesome - can't believe we hadn't seen them before but won't miss them again. Aloud get better and better everytime i see them (and being that they were one of my favorite bands 10 years ago to begin with... that's saying a bunch)... Hey Now Morris Fader just own it, always awesome. And one of the biggest treats of the night was getting to see the Nervous Eaters just absolutely kill it. So good. A testament that real rock is immune to time and trends - these guys are downright awesome.

Next show for us is a big one- we are psyched to be a part of the ON THE TOWN WITH MIKEY DEE 25th ANNIVERSARY SHOW at TT THE BEAR'S on Thursday 5/29. The bill features Butterknife, Corin Ashley & Friends, The Wrong Shapes, and The Unholy III! Tickets are on sale now - you should grab some early - anyone who's played music for any length of time in Boston, have likely been on ON THE TOWNand if not they know what an institution, what a support for the scene,what a great show staffed by great people it has been for so many years. 

Come show your thanks and support to these good people for all they do for the music scene in this area as the4y celebrate 25 years on the air.

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