Friday, June 13, 2014

This is THE Weekend! -- 2 Huge Shows!

"say all you wanted wanted you?"

So yes. Friends, fun, rock and roll dreams. "It's all happening."

Tonight we play as part of a stellar show at The Davis Sq. Theater in Somerville - WHEN PARTICLES COLLIDE are releasing their new record "Photoelectric" and joining them are ZEROBOT, VARY LUMAR and us Rationales. Its going to be an incredible night of rock and debauchery. Word is this is very close to selling out so grab tix asap - if you miss out you can catch us at a slightly larger venue tomorrow:

Tomorrow - we play at THE FORK IN THE ROAD FESTIVAL - at the BLUE HILLS BANK PAVILION! With our pals in TOWNSHIP and AIRPORT - its an amazing day - 20 or so of Boston's favorite food trucks (inlcuding my personal favorite, Stoked Wood Fired Pizza!!) and 3 kick ass local bands getting to play the main stage. I could go on and on about shows i've seen there - about childhood rock dreams of playing a big venue, about lots of stuff - but i'll just keep it to the details -

Adults $15 Kids 12 and under FREE

1200pm - Doors Open/Food Trucks Serving

1230pm - Airport
145pm - The Rationales
3pm - Township

5pm - Township
630pm - Airport
8pm The Rationales

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