Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winter Shows in Massachusetts

Barnstorming commonly refers to airborn acrobatics performed on flying planes.

But it also was the term used for the way that musicians would play around New England (and elsewhere) back in the 1920s & 30s. There were tons of locally operated AM radio stations back then - and each one would feature its own local musicians many of whom were DJs on the stations as well. And they would do their radio shows by day and then play live at night - this  created a circuit of venues (anywhere and everywhere that they could play (hence: barns) that were all within driving distance of home - so they could drive the (up to) 200 miles to the show, play, and make it back home in time to be able to do their radio show the next morning. (there was a great piece on this on Radio Boston recently)

The Rationales and our pals in Zerobot decided that we like playing together so much that we'd do a run of shows together throughout the state this winter. We're calling it our backyard barnstorm tour. Its off to a great start after fun shows at The Rosebud in Somerville and The Last Safe and Deposit Company in Lowell.

Next up is a night at Ralph's Rock Diner in Worcester on January 30, with Shotgun Waltz... we wrap it all up back in Somerville on March 7 with a killer bill at the Davis Square Theater.  We hope to see you!

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