Friday, April 4, 2008


Thanks sincerely to eveyone who made it out - there were a lot of shows in town last night and i really appreciate that people made it out to ours - and the fitchburg crowd - coming out from far and wide - always a blast to see all you all. LUMP! rocked. Dan’s set was a blast. shawn and hugh made it feel like the burren for a while - all in all a great night! We Rationales had a blast playing - Church has done a really nice job with the club - sound, stage, staff - everything and everyone were very cool.

1. On the Vine
2. Try To Tell Me
3. No Guarantees
4. Cliche
5. Tongue Tied
6. Guardrail
7. Another Moon (first time played).
8. Sky Falls
9. Far Away

ok -now onto some news! we’ve been doing a poor job of keeping this all hush hush but now we can let the cat out of the bag - Our official CD release is set - THE GOING AND THE GONE will be released on Friday, May 30 at TT The Bear’s on a show where we get the honor of opening for THE GENTLEMEN! Mark your calendars early! start saving your pennies for CDs and drinks for the band... and keep an eye on our myspace page - as rumour has it there is at least one more killer band being added to this bill. get tix early at the TTs website!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night!
see you soon!

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John said...

hey guys it was a great show really enjoyed it.