Friday, April 4, 2008

The Lizard Lounge - 3/08/2008

Almost speechless. What an experience. The Rudds closing out the night rocking hard, bringing the soul and the funk. holy lord. Scarce winning me over within one note of my first time hearing them - and being the nicest people in the world to boot! Ryan Schmidt playing an amazing set opening the night.

The number of people who came out and the energy and enthusiasm that they gave- the support we got last night was amazing - up and down the line - from the other bands, the lizard lounge staff, and every one of the people in the sell out crowd who came out - i always wondered what it would be like to someday play a show like that- to a packed room of people who were on board with the band... now that i've experienced it i can only say that it is a truley magical experience.

the new lineup of the rationales makes me so happy - john holding down the bass, kevin's blistering guitar - brian's solid heart of the band drumming - and matt on keys is an amazing thing.

thanks to each and every person who came out! it was a night i'll remember for a long time!

and thanks to John Powhida for coming up and making our cover song selection for the night a think of magic. Rumour has it that John rushed off stage at the end - ran through the backstage area, out the service door and considered driving off on his purple motorcycle, but that the ongoing ovation of the crowd brought him back resulting in the amazing rudds set that we got.

Rationales Setlist.
1. On the Vine
2. Tounge Tied
3. Guardrail
4. Sky Falls
5. Try To Tell Me (kevin on lead vox)
6. Purple Rain (John Powhida on lead vox)
7. Ruby Colored Halo
8. Far Away
9. No Guarantees.

thanks so much and if you were shut out by the sell out or were there and need more come out to Church of Boston (the old linwood - behind fenway park) to see us on thursday march 20!


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