Thursday, May 29, 2008

One day to go!!

It is so near we can taste it! No - not strawberry picking season - our big CD release show! - one day away in fact.

We are planning on sharing in a great night!

We're on at 9pm.

We'll be playing some new tracks, playing the Going and the Gone in its entirety - though not in order (unless you're performing a concept album is there anything more boring than a band playing a release in order?) and pestering you to get yourself a copy of the disc!

Its a GREAT lineup with AM STEREO - ERIC SALT & THE ELECTRI CITY - and THE GENTLEMEN. you really can't go wrong. unless your a fan of something other than rock music. for instance a fan of electronic trip hop probably wouldn't enjoy the lineup so much... but in general... you know.

anyhow - come out early and see us. You'll be glad you did. or something.

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