Friday, June 13, 2008

Toad Show Report 6.12.08

Wow, what a night. I've been saying that a lot lately but we've been having a lot of these nights lately too... but this one - well this one was extra special.

I don't usually open up too much in these blogs but I can't do justice to this without spilling a little bit of personal info... see - i have had a great life - and music has more or less always been a part of it... but from 95ish-06ish i was in a place where i wasn't playing out at all.

a lot lead up to what happened in early 06 but lets say it was a rocky time in my life but that i suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands. This coincided with the May 06 Bill Janovitz/Crown Vic Toad Residency. I went to the first one with my good friend selene, knowing it'd be a great show - knowing that in addition to the bill solo material i'd never caught live they'd be doing stone's and band covers that were right up my alley... but from the start - it wasn't just a show - it was magic. small cozy room - great selection of tunes, a whole room singing along to every song, incredible flurrishes of musicianship, humor - knowing Tom and Phil and meeting Matt and Bill, meeting lots of new people and just being in the midst of the sort of rock and roll night i always hoped for when going out to a show... well - it goes without saying
that i was hooked and didn't miss much of that residency or the next. but something else happend that night. after not having been onstage as a frontperson in 11+ years, i just decided - during that show - consiously, that whatever it took i was going to get back to fronting a band and playing shows regularly enough to have some people that might at least know who we were.

So without continuing any more overlong what's sounding like an oscar acceptance speech(cue the music!)... suffice to say that with a LOT of thanks due to a lot of people the rationales are up and off the ground, trying to find our way - but that not for a second last night was it lost on me that i was playing on the same stage, opening for the same guys, who inspired me to do this all again to start with.

and we had fun! Two sets, great room, great people!

Ruby Colored Halo
Don't Do Me Like That (petty cover - Kevin vocals)
Framed (Kevin)
Snow on the Ground(matt)
Sky Falls
Listen to Her Heart(petty cover, John Vocal)
Torn and Frayed (stones cover)

Another Moon is Rising
Real Life
Dead Flowers (stones cover)
American Dream (john)
Tounge Tied
Try to Tell Me (Kevin)
On the vine
Far Away
No Guarantees

ps. i was experimenting with the concept of bringing the blog into bablefish - doing the english>italian>enlish thing for the hysterical butchery that it produces - it was just too bizzare for the text portion but i hope you can enjoy the results for the setlist above. try it yourself. go to bablefish - enter some sensible english text. translate to a foreign language. then grab that text and come back to english. the results are priceless! here's the setlist in english by way of italian:

Colorful Guidacarta steals to
Don' Guardrail
t ago like those (the small cover - vocals of the Kevin) Providence
Framed (Kevin)
Snow sull' to earth (opaque)
Fallen of the sky
Listenings its heart (small cover, John vowel)
Violent and sfilacciato (cover of the stones)

Un' other moon is increasing
to real Life
out of order Flowers (cover of stones)
Dream American (john)
Tounge has legacy
Tests to dirmi (Kevin)
On the screw
Not guarantees
Far awaysome

my favorite part is either that Matt is now Opaque or that John was on lead vowel.

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