Friday, September 5, 2008

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Yeah, its late in coming but i have a good reason. I accidentally the whole fleshlight!

No - actually i wanted to wait to pimp these upcoming gigs while reporting on last week's shennanigans.

so without further adogdo.

TONIGHT! witches, crepes, beer, pumpkin lattes, lord of the rings action figures, thai curry and tom petty songs. all within 100 sq feet. when the rationales play cafe gulu gulu in salem ma. No cover. all those things litterally are available within a 100ft radius of the stage. plus more i'm sure. come see us. only northshore appearance this month. stuff. words. fuck.

NEXT THURSDAY! - lead into gold. songs. i'm tired of this. but not of playing. so we will! the rationales!!! band of music!! much fun and probably sex somewhere for someone (you could be the one!) (well you could definitley be the ONE. you could MAYBE be one of the two.) (don't ask me! i'm tired) at any rate = we are playing music of the original sort and maybe a cover or 4 at the ALCHEMIST LOUNGE. its a great little place in JP! see us there.

NEXT FRIDAY! - you better watch what you say. or don't come around here no more, or there'sll be a change of heart, or some shit. The Rationales are honored to pay tribute to TOM PETTY by playing - yes, you guessed it - a TOM PETTY TRIBUTE SHOW - at least 6 songs of it, at the MIDDLE EAST club. we're in some good company - Brendan Boogie, WATTS, The GREAT Bandini, Jenny Halstead, other people! Come to that. or not - but don't say you did if you didn't - it confuses me. its like - "but i didn't see you there" and i start thinking i have alziemers or something. ok? please? stop! thanks.

thats right- don't miss it - it happend in AUGUST of 2008! Your last chance to plan on attending (has already happened). but hells yah. why not. pretend you were there. you should have been. if only to have said you weren't.

DAN CRAY played a fantastic set. From deeply insightful songs to horribly honest observations of the dividing line between man and woman... he kept everyone at full attention and left us wanting more.

DAVE MIRABELLA - i played. thats me. now you know who's writing. it was ok. GREAT when i had friends up. THANKS A million TO Sean Murray, John Maloney, Mike Mirabella and poor Kevin McMahon for whom the night had originally been booked to be a solo debut show and then the schedule got confused and things went nusty. but lucky for kevin he got to play no guarantees for the 456th time so he must have been happy!

early autumn
before you go
ruby colored halo
hoover with sean murray
dead flowers with sean murray and mike mirabella
listen to her heart - with John maloney and Kevin McMahon
no guarantees- with John maloney and Kevin McMahon

Then SCARCE Played. i cannot WAIT for their new recordings- these new songs sound great in their sparce (haha) acoustic form - i know its going to be a kickass recording. thanks a ton to Joyce, Chick and Matt for playing the show and making it such a fun night!

See you all at one of these upcoming shows.!! or we'll show up on your lawn to work out the intricate harmonies to TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT at 2am some night. - you don't want that - do you?

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