Monday, September 29, 2008

Sometimes a song can change your life... you never know

So i was VERY late to the party - but i finally did something i've been meaning to do for 2 years and that people have been telling me to do for more- which was see Mike Viola live the other night. He was at the Lizard Lounge in cambridge splitting his set between loose solo songs (do you have lurch? no? why not? get it!) and then a set with his new collaborative project The Major Labels. Holy crap. what a night of music. flat out amazing. such great songwriting, so many great hooks and twists and just beautiful beautiful sadness.

Mike is one of the most amazing performer's i've ever seen - just fluid and smooth and easy onstage - and as my friend Nate said to me during the set... "it kills me that the songs he makes up on the spot via improvisation onstage are better than the songs i spend months trying to write". This guy is the real deal.

I highly recomend checking out Mike if you haven't yet - live or on record - if you like powerpop - pop or just good music - you can not go wrong with any of his output.

Plus - the Major Labels record is being distributed via the radiohead pay what you think its worth model. Its worth a lot. you have no excuse not to go get it.

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