Thursday, October 16, 2008

UFO -Halloween Stories

sorry that this has drifted a full week since my last post - i still aim to get this to a daily posting blog - anyhow what will i speak of today you ask? more rock stars? perhaps grousing about the Red Sox? Politics? Nope~!

In honor of Halloween month and the upcoming UFO conference in Watertown, i thought I'd share some of my personal encounters.

I have 3 times THOUGHT i've seen a UFO - One of those in hindsight was definitely a satelite, one was unexplainable and the best one is totally discountable as i was gone the way of syd barrett that night. (coughcough).

The unexplainable one was pretty cool - two dots of light out my window to the south late late at night - just balls of light about the size of Jupiter. Zigging and zagging around the sky as if playing with eachother - straight lines at high speed to a dead stop and then off in a different direction, swoops and circles - going on like this for a considerable time - it was probably 1987 or 88 - there was NO way these were airplanes or any other form of conventional aircraft. it was pretty cool. then after a while they SHOT off at an upwards angle to the southwestish and were gone in an instant with a burst of speed that you couldn't imagine.

The discountable one was hysterical. A bunch of us were out with some of us unfit to drive - and the others who hadn't joined us on our journey driving us about looking for cool things to see and do. We wound up at a cumberland farms and once inside shopping - one of my pals decided/became convinced that the little old man walking through the store with his cane was actually a troll - and proceeded to scream: :"AAAHHH- ITS A TROLL! ITS A TROLL!!!". I, being able to recognize that this was not a troll but a man (who was probably not enjoying being reviled as a troll), couldn't handle the scene and went back outside.

While waiting for what felt like forever for the gang i made my way around the side of the store - which borders some woods. All of a sudden through the trees i saw a rectangle of lights - many colored lights changing and blinking - slowly and gracefully descending through the trees about a half mile off from where i stood, it slowly descended at an angle toward the ground and then vanished into darkness - i remember thinking how beautiful it was and being really calm and happy about it -when the guys came out of the store i tried to explain to them that it wasn't a hallucination but that i had really seen it - but they were having none of it. just loaded me in the car and took me to play laser tag. I was totally sure that it was for real.

After telling the story for years that i'd seen a UFO but my friends didn't believe me, i one day on a return visit to fitchburg years later - knowing the layout of the area better - while considering my 'encounter' i realized that from where i had stood that night - that if you drew a line a half mile in the direction i saw the slowly lowering rectangle of blinking lights - your line would come across the main runway of the Fitchburg airport. and the angle of the descent would match up to the approach angle. so yeah. there's that.

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