Friday, October 17, 2008

talkin bout last night

No offense to some of my blogging friends - but I've tried to stay away from the sort of posts that say - last night i was doing this and the Red Sox won and blah blah. (apparently i instead try to focus on high quality literature about drug and defective psyche induced adventures from the 90s.) But today "my friends" i share with you this tale of what happened last night "my friends" i hope you enjoy it "my friends" blink. blink.blink.

No seriously though - we rationales had a nice rehearsal early in the evening. Then Matt Rationale and Dave Rationale headed off towards the lizard lounge. Matt Rationale rode a bicycle, planted sustainable crops and read Dostoevsky on the way. Dave Rationale drove a gas guzzling SUV, ran over endangered birdies and littered on the way! (no - not really). But - Dave Rationale did get there first. Why this strange race to the lizard lounge at the ungodly (to some) hour of 1015pm!?

Why to see the BillyBillyMattandPhilly Review - otherwise known as Bill Janovitz and friends (what? polce trademarked crown victoria or something?)

They're doing this residencey at the lizard every thursday in October and it has been fantastic thus far. Last night was evern more betterer thern usuuralal though pardner. (sorry. was thinking of appaloosa for a second there). Anyhoo - as occasionally happens Sean Staples from Session Americana joined the boys on mandolin - but last night we also got two great songs with Tanya Donolly singing - and on top of that at least half the second and third sets were embellished by the beautiful pedal steele playing of a certain Mr. Matt Pynn (check out Ruby Colored Halo - track 6 on the rationales The Going and the Gone, for more of Mr. Pynn in action). Plugging ourselves aside - sean and matt really added a nice layer of texture to the songs, and there were some surprising additions to the setlist - including a stunning "Red Balloon" and an amazing rendition of "Almost Beating" which i've been waiting to hear live for 4 years. it was worth the wait.

The vibe was cool and friendly - lots of familiar faces in the crowd. maybe a bit subdued when news spread through the TV-less room that the sox were certain to be eliminated with a 7-0 deficit facing them in the 7th inning.

Suddenly news came that they'd tied it.

Within 10 seconds not only were all 30 some members of the audience gone upstairs, but the band was as well. It was a cool field trip from the show to have the entire crowd/band/staff of what had been a rock show - suddenly congregating together in the 10 foot lobby of the upstairs restaurant watching the 9th inning of a tied ballgame...

Upon the winning run coming home and our celebration subsiding - everyone made their way back downstairs - billy started to play "dirty water" and what sounded like a gag turned into an amazing rendition of the tune. the set continued and all was well with the world.

Check out the lizard lounge on one of the next couple of thursdays - you won't be disapointed.

Photos by Cathy Piantigini

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