Monday, November 24, 2008

Prev show - 11.23.08 TT The Bear's

Last night we played at TT The Bear's Place. We put this show together as an opportunity to bring one of our favorite bands to boston, nay, the US for the first time- Toronto's The Wooden Sky. I'd have been happy just to see them play - let alone open for them, and the night didn't disapoint. Preacher Roe and Trucker Mouth rounded out the bill and both played amazing sets. the few brave souls who left the comforts of sunday night at home to come through the cold to TTs were treated to a fantastic night of rootsy rock & intense folk.

The Rationales played a new song or two, a bunch of familiar ones and had a great time.

On the Vine
Try To Tell Me
Tongue Tied
Ruby Colored Halo
Far Away
No Guarantees

The Wooden Sky were simply amazing. played with authority but with so much subtlety and emotion - they are a band you don't want to miss. beautiful songs, amazing energy, power - there was not a person in the room who didn't become a convert within 3 minutes of them taking the stage. can't wait to see them back in boston again.

ok. on to the future.

the next rationales performance is coming up fast - DECEMBER 11 (thursday) at CHURCH as part of a great bill with preacher jack, the bees kness and dearborn valley. I believe we're on at 11 so come early, stay late, drink a lot, return to the scene of the crime, don't take any wooden nickles, give it to mikey, he'll eat it, hanker for a hunk o cheese, and wash behind your ears, remember to let the people you love know it, and for gods sake, don't eat corn nuts in the car on the road trip - those things fucking reek.

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