Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A warning to all replacement bassists

Life can be funny. Take for instance the story of my brother's former band Scamper. For years they worked their way up as a 4 piece of Nate, Keith, Mike and bassist Marc Rodderick. they were swell. But as time wore on life and time and circumstance led to Marc realizing he couldn't maintain the level of time, etc. he was putting in and sadly gave his 'notice' to leave the band. His replacement was none other than Brendan 'Boogie'. Most people who know of Scamper around town probably remember their bigger later shows with Brendan on board and by the end he was as much a part of the scamper story and family as anyone else.

Many of you may also know that after Scamper called it a day last winter - Nate, Mike and Brendan carried on in a new Project - the Brendan Boogie Band. (dave rationale was a sometimes member as well) and over the past months the BBB have been working on a record - a nice little 7 song EP which is just about to be released at a show at the Middle East Upstairs on Saturday December 6!

Well - Brendo got one of his first reviews yesterday.
here is an exerpt from his myspace blog about it.


Life can be humbling, folks. The following is a review of the new record from today's Weekly Dig (emphasis mine):

From the remnants of Scamper comes a focused, driven pop sound from bassist Brendan Boogie. This EP shows serious promise from the songwriter in power pop land, with whip-smart songs like "Cigarette." "I inhale you into my body / It'll hold me over till Friday," sings Boogie (actually Marc Roderick). "I can't break the habit." Roderick also takes on "Pharmaceuticals" and "College." Music like this can border on novelty, but Brendan Boogie knows where the line is and toes it well. [David Day]

At first, I thought it was the world's greatest inside joke, but nope - he really thinks I'm Roderick. Hilarious.

I can assure you that Brendan is actually an entirely different person than Marc, i've actually seen them in the same room several times. This is by far my favorite review ever. But either way - they are correct in saying that Marc/Brendan does it well - come out on the 6th to check him (and his new band) out. pick up a CD. ask him if he's marc. he'll like that.

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