Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more of a request than an entry

One thing about me - i've been through my phases of being a movie buff and voracious reader - and my phases of not having enough time or anxiety free attention to be aware that books and movies even exist - but one thing that has been consistent for me - going back to when we batamax taped "the complete beatles" documentary off of HBO in 1981 - is that i'm a total sucker for rock-documentaries, hell any music now... and the same for books, - seriously. you could show me archival footage of the people laying down the guide tracks for mili vanilli but if there's a camera and someone doing anything remotely involving a recording studio, a stage, a tourbus or a record company office. i will love it as if its an oscar winner.

all this is brought to mind as the other night - on one of my dad's endless cable channels - i spent my entire visit with him completely tuning him out sucked into the Minutemen Documentary we had stumbled upon. I've always respected the minutemen and have an album or two - but no matter - i was hooked. other great ones i've seen lately include the Jandek one, devil and daniel johnston, DIG, and i'm always rewatching old stone's flicks - particularly lately sympathy for the devil...

anyhow - i'm here asking. you. faithful readers, to assist me with recomendations. i don't care the genre, the coolness, i laughed my ass off at some kind of monster, i choked up during the nick drake movie... i thrilled at the ALOUD tour doc. i would be excited to watch a doc. about just about anything rock related. 2 i have on cue are Best of the Beatles (pete best), and a look at Townes Van Zant. Let me know your recent fav's. i will take any and all suggestions and eventually compile some thoughts into a decent post here to discuss.


Anonymous said...

Check these out my know how much I love them..

and part 2

ENJOY - Seanrockahmotha

Sean's Blog said...

and part 2


Sleeping Si said...

oh dear lord there's a nick drake movie? WHY?

DaveM said...

because Nick Drake is the best thing eva!