Friday, December 12, 2008

Prev. Show: 12.11.08 CHURCH

Black Sheets of Rain. Brrrr. Coldest, wettest, most trafficky, most run around like crazy to get to the gig night ever. But it was good. i love church. lots of history for a club thats only a year old. ha.

We were part of a great lineup - Preacher Jack, The Bee's Knees and Dearborn Valley! It was a fantastic show. even if only a chosen few got to witness it. Big thanks to everyone who came out and hung around late for our set. we had a great time!

Another Moon
On The Vine
Room at the Top (tom Petty)
Try to tell me
Far Away
No Guarantees.

Next show is Saturday Jan 3 at 9pm at ARLENE"S GROCERY in New York - come down for the night/weekend/tell your new york friends.

then we're doing the acoustic jugband thing at TTs on Monday Jan 12. oh herlllls yeah.

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