Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Show Report: April 25, 2009 at Sally Obrien's

It was the show that couldn't be killed.

it started out as a plan in december for a show at TTs with John Powhida and Jenny Dee. Next thing it became a show at the Lizard Lounge with Jenny Dee and the Gentlemen, next the Wooden Sky were going to headline, then the lineup settled into what it became - a great bill with Jenny Dee, The Blizzard of 78 and Scarce playing semi acoustic. But then with a few weeks to go we wound up without a club. Scrambling like no tomorrow with weeks to go we found our options to be between the Ayer MA VFW post or the Matunuck RI ITAM. then stepped in Jonas at Sally Obriens and gave us a home. The show was set. Nothing could derail it. we simply all needed to show up at 730ish with our gear and be ready to go.

730pm 4/25 - 3000lbs worth of gear piled on Bow street's sidewalk - a (GREAT) band already playing inside sally o's - part of an early show... no worries - our show doesn't start till 9pm, that will be plenty of time to load in and set up the sound from scratch. 9pm, the other band is still going strong, but at least the redsox have come back and finally won that game that started at 1103am it seems.... final score 150 - 149.

945. Ed V has worked his magic and has all the vocal mics not only working but actually working in the monitors. Scarce kick off their set.

10pm - SCARCE rock. quietly tonight, but ROCK nonethe less. first time hearing them with Joe on drums and even though he's only using brushes, it adds that swaggar to their music that all the people who heard them the first time around always tell me about. they are fantastic and as always when i see them - i can't wait to see them again.

1030pm THE RATIONALES. its greg's last show. he's moving away. yes, the rationales have a spinal tap like history with bassists. we've had no less than 5 people agree to be the bassist of the band. 2 that backed out in the early craigslist rehersal days, 1 that is now our keyboard player, 1 that moved to san francisco, and now greg is moving to nashville. anyhow - its a great night and a great sendoff to greg.
1. Tongue Tied
2. try to tell me
3. No Guarantees (with brendan boogie)
4. Braedon
5. aimme
6. framed
7. far away
8. believe

1115pm JENNY DEE & THE DELINQENTS - every time i see them i like them more - so fun, so good. just perfect for the saturday dance crowd. special points for pulling off a flawless show down two original members. one home sick, one off with NRBQ. ha. Mike filled in wonderfully.

1200 THE BLIZZARD OF 78 rock. just brought the house down. such nice guys, such good songs and performances. I could easily watch this band every day and never get tired of it. One of my favorite bands in boston.

thanks a million to everyone who played, helped organize, and came out to see this show -it was a blast!

see you soon. our next show will be the debut of our new bassist Sean Thomas - we'll be playing with Pals Jake and the Jakes and rumble lozers The Dirty Truckers at the catab lounge on friday, May 22. see you therre!?!?!?


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braedon? as in mark's son?

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