Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prev. Show Report 06.13.09 - The Lizard lounge.

The Phil Aiken army set the tone early with a great set filled with smart, tight, pop tunes played with a stonesy edge and joyous abandon. what a great band and a great set of songs.

The Teenage Prayers closed the night masterfully - great vocal harmonies, great guitars, tight rhythm, and all around great songs. these guys definitely are on my top ten list... great stuff.

Instead of my usual sunny 'we had a great set and a great time' update i'll be honest - while we did have a great time and always love playing whatever the circumstance - this set was more of a struggle for us to get up for than usual - two of us, including our lead singer - were deathly ill with chest colds - so we feared it was going to be a challenge getting the songs across and keeping the energy level up - but as soon as we hit the stage things were instantly better. While it would not be a night for scissor kicks and splits - we really enjoyed playing and had a great time being part of such a great night and great bill.

Tongue Tied
Try to Tell Me
Another Moon
On the Vine
Far Away
No Guarantees

Next show is not for a while - we're playing the PROVINCETOWN ROCKS festival on Thursday, July 23 at 4pm - club goodtimes - so if you are down for the fest - be sure to come over and catch our set before dinner!

The other big news is that we're finalizing arrangements and getting ready to get recording in earnest for our next CD. watch for progress updates over the coming weeks.

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